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Video, audio, presentation slides, and transcript archives from Wikimania 2006. Professional video files will be coming soon.

Also see the proceedings for abstracts, author biographies, and more information on all of the talks.

If the link to the media is broken ask user:Walter who keeps a copy of almost all media listed here. If you are adding media please do it in Ogg Vorbis or Ogg Theora and upload it to Commons. Put it in the correct commons:Category:Wikimania 2006.

Undated media and transcripts from Wikimania: Arrigone interview with Jimbo (published in La Stampa).

Friday - August 4, 2006

Jimbo Wales - Wikimedia and Free Culture: Past, Present and Future

Lawrence Lessig - The Ethics of the Free Culture Movement

Eben Moglen and Lawrence Lessig - Document Licenses and the Future of Free Culture

Benjamin Mako Hill: Toward a Definition of Freedom

Judith Donath: Identity, Anonymity and the Wiki

Cathy Ma: Trust and Wikipedia

A Conversation with Ward Cunningham

Derek Lackaff and Alexander Halavis: Sins of Omission?

Jim Giles: Comparing Wikipedia and Britannica

Chris Messina: All the World's a Wiki

Alexis Rondeau and Stan Wiechers: Semapedia.org

Daniel Caeton: Perpetual Negotiation Machine

Elijah Meeks: Unsupported Assertions: An Analysis of Criticism of Wikipedia

  • Audio

Jessica Baumgart and Gary Price: Tips for Conducting Research

Section 230: At the Gates between Liability for Harmful Speech and Wikipedia (panel)

  • Audio

Wikipedia and the Semantic Web (panel)

  • Audio

Martin Walker: Validation on Wikipedia: How do I know this article is accurate?

Panagiota Alevizou: Encyclopedia or Cosmopedia? Collective Intelligence and Knowledge Technospaces

Wikimedia Foundation Press Conference

Saturday - August 5 2006

Brewster Kahle: Universal Access to All Knowledge (plenary)

Wikidata: Betsy Megas: Defining WiktionaryZ

Michael Eisen: Free Knowledge and Access to Information

Jenny Preece: Community, Social Interaction and Wikipedia

What can Wikipedia learn from Open Source Software Development? (panel)

  • Audio

Wikis in libraries: Wikis Enabling Library Knowledgebases (panel)

  • Audio

Laurence Parry: A Tale of Two Wikis

Wikisource Workshop: Editorial Choices

  • Audio

English Wikipedia Arbitration Committee Q & A

  • Audio

Yochai Benkler: The Wealth of Networks

  • Audio

Rishab Ghosh: 200 Years of Collaborative Ownership

  • Audio

Christoph Sauer: Questioning WYSIWYG in the Internet Age

Informal Discussion: Language and cultural barriers and challenges to Wikipedia

Sunday, 6 August 2006

Mitch Kapor: I'd Like to Have an Argument: Inspiration from the Wikipedia about Collaborative Advocacy and Politics

Florence Devouard: Wikimedia Foundation: building in diversity

Wikimedia Foundation Board Panel Q & A

Technical infrastructure

Betsy Devine: Schrödinger's Wiki

Joseph Reagle: Is Wikipedia Neutral?

David Weinberger: What's happening to knowledge?

Wrap-up,Wikimania awards closing gala & ceremony