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This is an archived page from Wikimania 2006. Thanks to all who participated.

Wikimania 2006 banner

Wikimania only happened through the efforts of our many conference volunteers. There were positions open for both local and non-local volunteers. Conference volunteers still registered and paid for the conference, though some financial incentives for volunteers were available.

Volunteer orientations

  • Volunteer orientation was Thursday, August 3rd, in Pound Hall room 201 (the volunteer room) at 11:00 EST. Please try to make it if possible. We will go over the registration and information desk processes, general site information, walkie talkie use, and more.

Currently needed

  • Web designer
    Someone to oversee the design of this site; from CSS to templates to the main page layout
    Work with the online conference contributors to help make their work readily visible and accessible from the main pages on the site.
  • Web gardening
    Cleaning up of pages on this site; such as this one...
  • At least one person to coordinate all the on-site volunteers
    Such as those working the registration and information desks, room monitors, etc., etc.


There are a variety of tasks before, during, and after the conference. Many tasks don't require someone to be in or near Cambridge, Massachusetts. We'll even accept help from people who aren't attending the conference.

Know of something not on the lists? Please add it.

Who is working on what? | A list of volunteers

Priority roles

We really need people in these roles:

  1. Maintain the Web presence (and its style guides)
  2. Oversee local information -- events, 'about boston', related trips
  3. Develop promotional materials (swag : t-shirts, mouspads, &c; posters, postcards) along with b4
  4. Edit/lay out the print program, along with Phoebe
    Hi Phoebe, I'd like to help with this. What do you need? Betsythedevine 23:53, 10 July 2006 (UTC)[reply]
  5. Coordinate local press interest - schedule interviews and work with our PR group and direct press to the right pages for registration and a presskit
  6. Coordinate transcriptions & live-blogging in each room along with Mel (need someone during the day Friday August 4 to sub while I'm at the office)

Other tasks that need work

There are many tasks that need doing besides the priority areas:

    • Individual field trip leader
    • Party coordinator (1 party, 600 attendees)
CanoeAdam (working on location)
  • On-site session monitor coordinator
    • Individual session monitors
  • Site crew/gopher coordinator
    • Set-up assistants (Thursday)
    • Tear-down assistants (Monday)
    • Conference gophers
  • Multilingual Support
  • Desk staff
    • Information desk
    • Registration desk
  • Audiovisual monitoring/training coordinator
    • A/V room assistants
  • Online conference coordinator
    • Transcription coordinator
      • Individual session transcribers
    • Podcasting coordinator
    • Blogging & Site 'zine coordinator, with Harshita
  • Conference gear/schwag
    • Design and production
    • On-site sales
  • Translation coordination
  • Drivers, esp those who can make runs to the airport to pick up and drop off guest speakers

On-site and Remote options

We get a lot of questions about volunteer opportunities on-site and opportunities people can do from afar, so here's that breakdown. Of course, anyone can do anything. There are just some tasks that'll be better handled from the conference itself as opposed to from Britain. (By the way, it's not that Cambridge. It's Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the United States. It's also not called Cain-bridge; it's Cam-bridge, just like it's spelled.)

On-site Options

  • Press coordinator
  • Local publicity coordinator
see above
  • Field trip(s) leader
see above
  • On-site session monitor coordinator
    • Individual session monitors
  • Session bloggers
  • Site crew/gopher coordinator
    • Set-up assistants (Thursday)
    • Tear-down assistants (Monday)
    • Conference gophers
  • Desk staff
    • Information desk
    • Registration desk
  • Audiovisual monitoring/training coordinator
    • A/V room assistants
  • Online conference coordinator
    • Transcription coordinator
      • Individual session transcribers
    • Podcasting coordinator
    • Blogging & Site 'zine coordinator
  • Conference gear/schwag on-site sales

Remote volunteering options

  • Help Phoebe with the program
  • Sponsorship coordination
  • Local information coordination
  • Press coordinator
  • Local publicity coordinator
  • Events coordinator
    • Field trip coordinators
    • Party coordinator (1 party, 600 attendees)
  • Conference gear/schwag
    • Design and production
  • Translation coordination
  • Help maintain this wiki
  • Publicize the conference


Below is a broad list of volunteers. If you would like to work with someone on something, please contact him or her. Multiple people can do many of tasks.

Volunteers: Please add yourself to this list. A link to your Wikimania/Wikipedia/Wikiproject page where people can leave notes for you and/or contact information would be greatly appreciated. If you are near Boston, Massachusetts, and can help with local stuff, please indicate that.


coordinate with : Austin Hair

Info, on-site miscellany

coordinate with : brassratgirl

  • Jessamyn
  • Shanel (planning, media, community, other) volunteer from afar


coordinate with : Mel


coordinate with : Brett

  • Zanimum (design, Media & publicity) will volunteer from a far, will likely not be able to attend
  • Alkivar, (design, sound/lighting, PR)
  • GChriss: Print Graphics, possible video recording, wherever helpful
  • Tlogmer: Web design and schwag

Social, contests

coordinate with : Adam

  • Dpalma01: planning, contests, social events, travel advice

Press/media, copy

  • Betsy in NYC: press releases, announcements, blurbs, speeches if needed; very interested in being involved with any future Wiki fact-checking endeavor
  • Christopher Parham (planning, media/publicity, camb)
  • Zachary (publicity/press, facilities)
  • Christina (publicity/press/advertising, general grunt)

On-site Technical

coordinate with : Delphine Ménard

  • Linuxbeak: (RI) On-site technology and help; possible speaker


  • Aphaia: planning, community, program. on wikivacation during Jan. & Feb.
  • PZFUN (local fam) I'm happy to help with planning, translation in particular. I live in NYC but am in Boston all the time and have local family.
  • metametadata (program, other, local)
  • Damian Finol Spanish translation if needed, on site.

Moderators are needed for all sessions. Please contact Angela (abeesley@wikimedia.org) if you would like to volunteer.

Near Boston

  • Sj: meta.sj ((at)) gmail (617)529-4266
  • Vivek (wikipedia page) Interested in Technical, Program, Swag, Design, Information, Other, Program and anywhere else I can be of help. Local, shall commute from Chelmsford, MA. Could provide rides roughly along this route on Sat/Sun.
  • mchua (technical, swag, information, available weekday evenings, Sat. & Sun. especially interested in accessibility, transcription.)
    mel ((at)) students.olin.edu AIM: mouseymel
  • Hybernaut: (local, live audio recording/streaming)
  • Hershie Soni (local (in Somerville), swag, newsletter co-ordinator, transcription)
  • hzenilc[egalois] (local (in Cambridge), Multilingual support -spanish,french,english- website translator, other logistical affairs)
  • ArnoldReinhold: local Cambridge
  • Remdesign (in Cambridge. Interested in media & publicity, information, social & community, program, planning. Available weekday evenings and weekends.)
  • Ann: (registering, Camb)
  • Brettstil (design, hacking days, s'lle)
  • Robhoitt: (design, various gruntwork, local) If you need some promotional materials, I can help design it and get it produced.
  • Pingswept (media, community, local)
  • Betsythedevine (design, program, cambridge)
  • Mysekurity (design, community, ref desk, social, camb)
  • DanKeshet (local)
  • BCorr|Брайен (depends on needs and my availability, local)
  • Space, preferably would like to attend bit from the conference too
  • Gozar (not sure yet, boston)
  • Wikipedius (maybe jack o' all trades/subject to workschedules, loc)
  • Olivia (planning, local)
  • jkb (local)
  • Satish:(technical, IT, financial, Boston, Planning)
  • annemarie: (local, swag, information, other)
  • Maxdaniels (local (in Cambridge), swag, registration, info - Friday only)
  • Christina (local (at MIT), helping with press and any other random grunt work)
  • randy.f (local Harvard & Dorchester} Court Jester/Renaissnce Man/Diogenes

Volunteering form

To volunteer for any of the positions above, please sign up here for general tasks or here for the information/registration desks. Please plan to attend the volunteer orientation on Thursday at 11am.

It would be a good idea for you to join a discussion list to learn about what's going on.

Discussion Lists for Volunteers

Wikimania-l is the list for all volunteers.

Wikimania-discuss is a list for volunteers relatively near Boston, Massachusetts.


The wikimania channel on freenode.net is often populated with people interested in and working on Wikimania.

Volunteer Meetings

Know of a volunteer meeting? List it here.

Another Boston area face-to-face volunteer meeting is Saturday, July 29, at 4 pm at Toscanini's, 899 Main Street, Central Square, Cambridge, 617-491-5877... info.

The August 3 blog and technology group gathering will also have a heavy Wikimania focus. Some Hacking Days folks should be there. The group meets at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society on Thursdays at 7 pm. Berkman is located at 23 Everett Street, Cambridge, MA.

[ Do you think we can have a volunteer meeting on Saturday, August 12, at 3 pm where sj buys us all ice cream? Sure! Done. Y'all are the best. Those already out of town -- I owe you a cone. ---SJ ]