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This page is part of the Proceedings of Wikimania 2006 (Index of presentations)

Wikisource Workshop: Editorial Choices

Leaders Jennifer Zagurski, Danny Wool
License GNU Free Documentation License (details)
About the workshop leaders
Jennifer Zagurski is a 28 year old office worker from St. Louis, MO USA. She has been contributing at the English Wikisource since 2005, and is proud of how far the project has come since the language split.
Danny Wool is an employee of the Wikimedia Foundation. He has worked in the past as a translator and script writer for television and film in Israel, has published several books, and worked in museums and in informal education as an educator and trainer.
This workshop will introduce the participants to the English Wikisource and how it can be used as a resource for Wikipedia. The introduction will discuss how Wikisource compares against other digital libraries and on adding material from local resources. A presentation of editorial choice at Wikisource will cover choosing the best edition of a text and handling differences between editions. It will also discuss the use of subpages at the English Wikisource. The next topic will be Wikisource as a resource for Wikipedia articles. Some existing reference works at the English Wikisource will be examined, and a discussion on finding additional material will follow. The main workshop activity will be the "Sisterly Scavenger Hunt." The participants will be given readings from Wikisource texts and be instructed to find as many Wikipedia articles as possible where they could be referenced. The readings will be distributed in a printed workbook and those without laptops will be asked to guess as to what articles might exist which could cite the information. It is hoped that some citations will begin being added during the workshop. The workshop will conclude with a survey of new opportunities with Wikisource.
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