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A conversation with Ward Cunningham

Authors Ward Cunningham, Eugene Eric Kim
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About the authors
Ward Cunningham
Ward Cunningham is best known as the inventor of the first wiki, which is called WikiWikiWeb, and one of the pioneers in patterns and Extreme Programming. He started programming WikiWikiWeb in 1994 and installed it on the Web site of his software consultancy Cunningham & Cunningham on March 25, 1995, as an add-on to the Portland Pattern Repository.
Eugene is the cofounder and principal of Blue Oxen Associates, a "do tank" and consultancy focused on improving collaboration. He has developed collaborative strategies for a number of organizations, focusing especially on inter-organizational collaboration and collaborative learning. His research centers around catalyzing collaboration in large-scale communities, identifying patterns of collaboration across different domains, and improving the interoperability and usability of collaborative tools. He is also the cocreator of PurpleWiki. Previously, Eugene worked closely with computer pioneer Doug Engelbart, who currently serves on the Blue Oxen Associates advisory board. He received his A.B. in History and Science from Harvard University.
Eugene Eric Kim will interview Ward Cunningham, creator of the Wiki, about his work with Wikis and his latest projects and passions. Please leave questions on the discussion page.
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