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Tips for Conducting Research and Evaluating Information

Leaders J Baumgart, Gary Price
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About the workshop leaders
Having worked in libraries for 15 years, j Baumgart has a very strong interest in the relationship between people, information technology, and information. Since getting involved with the Wikimedia Foundation, j has been working as a sort of interpreter between librarians, who often raise concerns about the projects, and the work of the projects and the foundation. She has been spotted on occasion tinkering with a project or two. She is most notably a co-leader of the Boston area Wikipedia gatherings and quite involved with Wikimania.
Gary Price is a librarian and the Director of Online Information Resources at

Gary also the founder and chief editor/compiler of ResourceShelf. This daily electronic newsletter is where he and the ResourceShelf team post news and other new resources of interest to the online researcher. He is also the founder and a contributor to DocuTicker. This is another daily update with direct links to a variety of new reports from goverment agencies, think tanks, ngo’s, universities, and other groups.

Do you ever try to search for that one fact that would finish an entry, but don’t know where to go? Do you yearn to know more about a variety of sources? Do you find conflicting information in various sources and wonder what to believe? If you answered, “Yes!” to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you! We will discuss some basics about conducting research by sharing tips about using public records, people, business information, libraries, archives, databases, and the Internet to find information. We will even learn about some sources of images. Since knowing how to approach research can be almost as important as knowing what sources to use, we will learn about some strategies for conducting research. The workshop will also provide some guidelines for evaluating information and strive to inspire discussion among the participants about useful sources.

Links=Gary Price's presentation; j did not have any prepared material. Gary did most of the talking. j's points come from a presentation to a journalism class.

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