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Language and cultural barriers and challenges to Wikipedia

Authors Pramod Raghavendra, Hari Prasad Nadig
Track Projects and Content
License GNU Free Documentation License (details)
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There are nearly 200 language editions of Wikipedia, of which 130 are active and 14 editions have more than 50,000 articles each. Nearly 12 languages of those 14 language editions are spoken in Europe and 13 of them are spoken mainly in developed countries.

This session aims to discover reasons, beyond the obvious of limited access to technology & poverty, for this disparity and discuss means and methods, to correct the same. It also aims to bring together, Wikipedia contributors from various languages and cultures and share their experiences and difficulties (technical, social and cultural) in contributing to Wikipedia.

Participants could share how improvements in language technologies, like Unicode for instance, are affecting creation of content. They could share the average profile of contributors, how they are responding to the Wikipedia culture of openness and sharing, which could be more open than the society they live in and provide an insight into, how Wikipedia’s policies get interpreted and applied. Finally, participants could discuss, alternative methods to distribute content and efforts to bring in more participants, especially outside, the stereotypical technically savvy contributors.

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