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Wikimania contests

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This is an archived page from Wikimania 2006. Thanks to all who participated.

T-shirt contest

There was an ongoing contest for the best T-shirt design for Wikimania 2006. The winning design will be the official Wikimania t-shirt; Please email images or links to meta.sj ((at)) gmail.com.

Winning design by : User:Notafish; simple and sweet, with staff and regular variants. Extras are available via the Foundation office, or in-person for those around Boston.
Runner-up design by : User:GChriss, the Wikimania pill. Leave a note here if you are interested in seeing it added to the Wikimedia cafe press shop.

Wikimania Awards and free content artshow

A free content contest, the Wikimania Awards, took place at Wikimania. The contest is for the best video, audio, image, and textual content created for use on Wikimedia projects over the past year. Any content that was created after August 8, 2005 is eligible for entry in the contest. A special category is set aside for content created on the way to, or at, Wikimania 2006. Submitted content must be free content, and in use or usable, on at least one content page on a Wikimedia project. For details, see Wikimania Awards.

There will be Wikimania Awards again next year in some form; start planning your contributions now. Novel work creatd & uploaded over the coming year, or work relicensed for the first time over the coming year from a closed-copyright repository, is eligible.

The world calvinball championship was held in Cambridge Sunday Saturday evening. Or so the rules say now; as with every aspect of Calvinball but the name, this is subject to change, perhaps even after the fact?