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Defining WiktionaryZ

Author Betsy Megas
Track Projects and Content
License GNU Free Documentation License (details)
About the author
Betsy Megas (Dvortygirl) is a mechanical engineer by profession and a volunteer lexicographer and English teacher by hobby. Involved in Wiktionary since 2003, she focuses on definitions, audio pronunciation, and idioms, in between playing with whatever catches her fancy that day.
This presentation will provide a brief introduction to WiktionaryZ, the next generation Wiktionary. WiktionaryZ aims to bring all different language Wiktionaries into one project. Besides cutting down on translation effort that is currently duplicated across separate Wiktionary projects, WiktionaryZ will link translations to meanings rather than words, so that content can be displayed in any combination of languages set by the user. Because it will be based on a relational database structure, the content will also be much more accessible by software for use in derivative works and across wikis. Thus, projects like Commons could use the translation data to index images across languages.

Since WiktionaryZ is still under development, the project itself will change between the abstract submission date and the August presentation. The presentation will reflect the latest developments in August, while still addressing the general theme.

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