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Friday - August 4, 2006

Time Session - Ames Session Session Session Discussions Workshops Open space
9:00–10:15 Welcome and Jimbo Wales plenary
10:15–10:45 Break, open space introduction
10:45–noon Session 1

Benjamin Mako Hill: Toward a definition of freedom

A conversation with Ward Cunningham

Judith Donath (invited speaker): Identity, anonymity and the wiki

Cathy Ma: Trust and Wikipedia

Derek Lackaff and Alexander Halavis: Sins of omission? An exploratory evaluation of Wikipedia's topical coverage

Jim Giles: Comparing Wikipedia and Britannica: The story behind Nature's encyclopaedia story

Chris Messina: All the world's a wiki: how Barcamp was planned in 6 days using a wiki, IM, IRC, blogs and word of mouth

Alexis Rondeau and Stan Wiechers: Semapedia.org - The physical Wikipedia (workshop)

Copyright basis and Wikipedia: A workshop

Betsy Megas: Wiktionary: Nuts and bolts, bells and whistles

12:00–1:30p Lunch (Ropes Gray) breakout bofs and lightning talks; press conference
1:30–2:15p Plenary: Lawrence Lessig -- The Ethics of the Free Culture Movement (Ames) Audio and Video
2:15–2:30p Break
2:30–3:30p Session 2

Eben Moglen: Document Licenses and the Future of Free Culture

Wikipedia and social roles:
♦ Adriana Amaral - Subcultures and Wikipedia
♦ Daniel Caeton: Perpetual negotiation machine
♦ Panagiota Alevizou: Encyclopedia or cosmopedia?

♦ Elijah Meeks: Criticism of Wikipedia
♦ Martin Walker: Wikipedia 1.0

Lodewijk Gelauff: Localization, on a global project BoF

Rob Lanphier: Enterprise MediaWiki BoF

Jessica Baumgart and Gary Price: Tips for conducting research and evaluating information

3:30–4:00p Afternoon break
4:00–5:15p Session 3 BoFs

Section 230: At the Gates between Liability for Harmful Speech and Wikipedia (panel)

Wiki projects:
♦ Jack Herrick: How to transition from a static content site to a wiki: The wikiHow experience
♦ Evan Prodromou: Wiki and open content travel guides: past, present, future
♦ Chris Bronk: Diplopedia: Application of the Wiki Model for Collaborative Drafting in Foreign Affairs

Wikipedia and the Semantic Web (panel)

Jessica Baumgart and Gary Price: Tips for conducting research and evaluating information, cont.

Finne Boonen: Fighting vandalism with Vandalfighter (workshop)

Martin Walker, Paul Kobasa: Validation on Wikipedia: How do I know this article is accurate? (panel discussion)

Lightning talks #1

5:15–5:30p Break
5:30–7:00p(?) Ropes Gray: Wrap-up (summary of day's sessions); Poster reception