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Wikipedia 1.0: Offline Releases of the English Language Wikipedia

Author Martin Walker
Track Projects and Content
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About the author
Martin Walker grew up in the North East of England. He worked as an industrial chemist for over ten years before moving to New England, where he earned a PhD in organic chemistry at Brandeis University. He now teaches organic chemistry at the State University of New York in Potsdam. He is married with two young children.

Martin began editing on Wikipedia late in 2004, writing and then assessing chemistry articles. In September 2005 he joined the Wikipedia 1.0 project for offline releases; there he has been involved in article assessment, WikiProject contacts and the Version 0.5 test release.

"Wikipedia 1.0" is a proposal for releasing part or all of Wikipedia on CD, DVD and/or paper. The German Wikipedia has already been released in this way, and there are now plans to release an offline version of the English Wikipedia. The pros and cons of this offline format will be discussed, as well as the work done so far by the English Wikipedia 1.0 Editorial Team. The team has developed and applied a scheme for assessing article quality, and asked WikiProjects to participate in assessment. It has come up with ways to organise articles based on a hierarchy of importance while also tracking their quality. The team has developed a system for nominating and accepting articles for release. Useful side effects of the project have been to help WikiProjects in learning from each other, and to encourage editors and projects to focus on quality, improving major articles and monitoring those articles via worklists. Plans for the different English releases (0.5, 1.0, Schoolroom and Geography versions) will be presented, along with the long term goals of the project.
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