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Create an account on this wiki if you're planning to attend Wikimania, in person or online; and add your name below. You may also want to create an entry in the conference facebook.

In person



  • Theo (probably, subject to business demands)
  • Rodger Desai
  • brian0918 (if I'm still alive and in general working condition, probably)
  • Thryduulf (subject to being able to get the time off work, will know when the dates are announced. Will by flying from UK)
  • Wikipedius subject to work schedules, (but i'll strive to be there!!!)
  • dlkereluk(subject to work schedules and the availability of registration applications; I can switch shifts to attend if I can register in advance)
  • jredmond (subject to work schedules)
  • Ilya (space for 1 guest? FREE homological algebra lessons. Languages: es/fr/ru, wanted zh/ja/loj)
  • Kingboyk (see below)
  • m:User:JDunck (maybe, depends on both cost and job.)
  • Hinotori (very probably; barring unforeseeable events)
  • Lightdarkness (Finalizing plans with local relatives)
  • Andylandandrew(Seriously considering, live in NJ, able to drive there)
  • Schzmo (live about 40 min away, depends on whether I will be busy that day)
  • TML1988 (I'm only 17 at this time, and while my parents will be on a business trip during this time period, they may or may not want me to participate in this kind of activity. If I do decide to go, however, I'll most likely take Amtrak/Acela from NYC.)
  • takot - 80% definitely, already registered -- but it depends on situations of my full-time job hunting, finance, and master degree defence.
  • Phaedriel (Pretty good chance I'll drop by - depends on many factors (work & distance mostly) and not all of them subject to my will, so I'll keep you updated)
  • Bennyp77 00:20, 26 June 2006 (UTC) The date may be a problem but I might be able to weasel out of my arrangement and catch a Greyhound... :)[reply]
  • The Mu - Maaaaaaaaaaybe.
  • LDC
  • Nicky C. Not sure..I will fly from Thailand, waiting for the visa interview in this July 31, 2006. Hope I would make it.
  • Betsy Morris is also registered but likely to be able to attend just a portion of the proceedings.

Primarily online

If you will be attending Wikimania via Internet instead of geographically, add your name (and a short epithet, as appropriate). See wikimania-ting. You may also want to create an entry in the facebook.

w:Kyereh Mireku from the United Kingdom.