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I have been contributing to Wikipedia almost since the beginning. I have 2 nicknames: hzenilc and egalois, so I decided to merge them into egalois[hzenilc] or hzenilc[egalois], as a function depending one on the other. Even when I do not like to sign my contributions or say which are they or not, I have contributed to some entries to Wikipedia and Wiktionary, in both english and spanish, mainly in my fields of some expertise (computabiity, logic and information about my country: Mexico). My academic background is in math/logic. I use to live in Paris for most of the time, However I spent 3 or 4 months each year traveling for conferences or work.

You can reach my webpage here. Or drop me a line here or send me an email to> hzenilc [at] gmail [dot] com

'Here are a few features of Wikipedia that I find particularly helpful:

"Dieu a choisi celuy qui est... le plus simple en hypotheses
et le plus riche en phenomenes"
[God has chosen that which is the most simple in hypotheses
and the most rich in phenomena]
"Mais quand une regle est fort composée,
ce qui luy est conforme, passe pour irrégulier"
[But when a rule is extremely complex,
that which conforms to it passes for random]
Leibniz, Discours de métaphysique, VI, 1686. From Greg. Chaitin webpage

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