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Alison Wheeler is Chair of Wiki Educational Resources Ltd, the legal name of the Wikimedia UK chapter, and although she would have liked to attend Wikimania as a 'meat person' she will, in fact, be there as a 'virtual person'.

In addition to british english and american english she can also get by in French and German most of the time, having worked across the whole of Europe for major US and UK companies as a business consultant and program manager. She usually edits on en and elsewhere under a nom de plume which, hopefully, doesn't get linked too often to her real name as it could complicate matters in the "real world" (which she isn't that sure actually exists) but does some article-writing and all OTRS- and project-related work under this handle. She has been involved with Wikipedia since February 2004.

English wikipedia happens to have an article about her - make of that what you will ...

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