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This is the discussion page for Rob Lanphier's presentation at Wikimania 2006, Enterprise MediaWiki. Please join the discussion below!

Hi folks....I'm running behind on this stuff, but will be working on it this week. I plan this to be a roundtable discussion about MediaWiki in the enterprise, so I'm hoping that, in part, people that are interested in showing up for this presentation add a line or two here, and get the conversation going.

Discussion participants

In the interest of having more of a discussion than a presentation, I hope people who are showing up will sign in below. I'll kick it off by adding myself.

Rob Lanphier

I'm a freelance developer specializing in MediaWiki development. I've only been doing MediaWiki development for the past year, but I've had a fair amount of web development experience in the past (along with a lot of management experience).

My interest in MediaWiki in the enterprise is a simple one: it's where I see several opportunities for interesting projects and ways to offer products/services, and I'm hoping to meet up with others who are in one of two camps:

  • Are using MediaWiki in the enterprise (or thinking about it)
  • Are interested in collaborating on enterprise MediaWiki

Kevin Gamble

Will discuss the use of Mediawiki as a content management system (CMS) for a large enterprise wiki spanning 75 U.S. universities and 15,000 faculty and staff. Will discuss several extensions added to facilitate its use in this capacity:

  • IEEE LOM metadata extension
  • Wikidrops an algorithm based breadcrumb menu generator
  • Wikispeller a spell check feature
  • Public Web site previewer

Can also discuss organizational issues: faculty acceptance, training, and deployment issues.

I use MediaWiki software at my job to collaborate on software artifacts. Some other groups are starting to use the software for things like issue tracking, FAQ pages, etc. I work at a very small company, so instead of large-scale collaboration, it's the ease of wiki creation and editing that makes it attractive for me.

Please add yourself

Please add yourself if you plan to attend, even if you are mostly there to lurk. One or two sentences is fine. Same format as people above.

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I'm hoping participants in these sessions show up and give spoilers.

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General comments

General comments about the presentation below.