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Calvinball world championship

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If they want to play games with us, fine. This is Calvinball -- we make up the rules, so we win. Easy. -- J. Wales [1]

Calvinball world championship

We will be organising the calvinball world championship!

Hey we even already have the press present, so what more do you want, mermaids?

Initial teams for any one game are the trolls on one side and the vandals on the other. Initial team size is to be determined. Possibly in game.

Please edit this page as you see fit.

Interested? Please express interest, further ideas, and offers of pie on the talk page. <-- SIGN UP HERE


Just showing up is fine especially if you want to spectate. If you want to play, please also sign up, so we can be sure we have equipment for you. Todays (wednesdays) practice will probably be a mess with too little equipment and too many players. We shall find out what we need, and get things righter on thursday (and maybe some mornington cresent too?). Final tweaks on friday, and saturday we really play! :-)

Location: Green behind Cruft hall (yes, the original source of "cruft").

Cruft hall. Fields are *BEHIND* this building
  • Kim Bruning
  • Improv
  • J
  • Linuxbeak
  • B4

We are visible from the corner of the pound building, gather at registration desk at 18:00

we will need

  • sports field
    there is cambridge commons that's close and big, with trees
    and a baseball diamond so yes, we'll have a sports field
  • props: balls, wickets, and other gaming equipment. The lot!

please take something along!

calvinball release form

The release form can be generated by nomic, if possible. It should hopefully contain lots of legalese, backtracking, forward tracking, disclaiming, and total wacky non sequiturs.

We will need a tidy gentleman in a suit (looking like a cross between a lawyer and agent smith?) to demand signing of the release form.

The Rules

There ARE no rules , except there are. We will start out with some initial ruleset (yet to be described), and then people will yell out a rule each time they hand off the ball. Unless they get tackled before that happens, in which case they won't. Provided that tackeling is permitted by the rules, which it may or may not be.

an example set of rules during play

  1. "the referees must be NPOV"
  2. "the referees with blue hats must side with the trolls!"
  3. "some people say that all new rules must contain weasel words"
  4. "some alledge that hitting the ball with the wicket is worth 10 points"
  5. "a large minority strenuously objects to this falsehood, points are irrelevant"
  6. "everyone who is or is not a player, may or may not be a referee"

Of course, the game could take a totally different tack!

In conclusion

Now I want a nice clean fight! Play ball!