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Whoops. The recategorization and price indicators were me; forgot to log in. I suggest organizing within category (pizza, asian, dessert, bar, etc.) and then by price (from $ to $$$$). Also, do we want to limit ourselves to eateries within a reasonable radius (T-accessible, 30 min drive)? -User:mchua

Whoops.++ Expanded TeaLuxe; forgot to log in. I don't drink coffee anymore, but I'm concerned the international crowd will be disappointed with the offerings. How about the Paradiso. When I had a grown up job, I thought the Iruna was the best food value in the square, but it is an entire evening to eat there. New England has NO mexican food. Columbian yes! Sol Azteca, Kenmore Sq. -User:randy.f

I can attest that (technically) there is at least one Mexican restaurant in New England, because I ate at one in New Hampshire. I'm not really a fan of Mexican cusine, but I can attest it was the worst I've ever ate. -- Llywrch 21:07, 31 July 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Shouldn't this page be called "Food and Drink"? -User:randy.f