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Hi, I'm the same guy as w:User:Llywrch.

My interest in attending Wikimania, besides listening to new ideas, is to put faces to the user names I've seen all over the project. One event (you could call it an informal BOF) I'd like to hold is an "Old Fogey's Meeting" -- to get a bunch of us together who have contributed to the project for over 3 years & have a bull session about "the old days." No ulterior motive to this,[1] but I have discovered one unmet need for Wikipedians is to being able to talk shop/tell war stories about their experiences in the project.

But you have to buy your own beverage of choice.[2]


  1. Do you honestly think one informal & semi-private meeting between a few people will lead to creating a cabal that will take complete control of content on Wikipedia? Even if it were possible, why the **** would we want to take on that much more work?
  2. On the other hand, maybe a cabal would be a good thing -- especially if they provided a free bar to all of its hirlings. Or even better, credits at our favorite book stores.