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Streaming audio and video

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In the meantime, please make sure you have the most up to date RealPlayer software, or MPlayer with the win32codecs bundle installed. For Microsoft Windows, Real Alternative is a free (as in beer) player.

See Schedule for information regarding what is going to be on.


URL: rtsp://,554,7070
URL: rtsp://,554,7070
  • Archive:


Notes :

  • the "rtsp" links works in Gxine, MPlayer (...and Real-compatible players?)
  • the Schedule page has direct "Video" links to the sessions.


Video, audio, and transcripts from Wikimania sessions are being made available on the Archives page.

Streaming access problems?

  • The number of streams is limited. Not getting access may be related to those limits.
  • Please contact Kyle by irc (#wikimania) as Apple, aim as randomvoids, or by email at kyle[at]randomvoids[dot]com
  • Alternatively, find Fuzheado on the same channel.