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This is the discussion page for j Baumgart's BOF at Wikimania 2006, Librarianesque birds of a feather session. Please join the discussion below!

Some big ideas from the discussion (what I remember; please expand this list):

  • Library science and software engineering / programming
    • Librarians are becoming more like software engineers (and vice versa)
    • A lot of software engineering problems are problems already addressed by library science ("metadata is cataloging!"; documentation and code also need to be cataloged and organized; programmers end up "reinventing the wheel")
    • There needs to be more training across disciplines and more communication between disciplines
  • Are libraries necessary?
    • The book as a technology (a good one, but one that may eventually be obsolete)
    • The library as a cultural and functional space (not dependent on physical books)
    • Librarians are needed to provide support for those seeking information (and they're really good at it; "they don't treat you like scum"), help people ask the right questions
  • Librarians and Wikipedia
    • Wikipedia is used as a first source (unsurprisingly, like an encyclopedia!)
    • Adding found answers to Wikipedia is a great idea (the facts a librarian finds are relevant, interesting, and sourced; adding answers to Wikipedia makes that knowledge easier to access again)

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