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Librarianesque Birds of a Feather Session

Author J Baumgart
Track Free Knowledge & Access to Information
License GNU Free Documentation License (details)
About the author
Having worked in libraries for 15 years, j Baumgart has a very strong interest in the relationship between people, information technology, and information. Since getting involved with the Wikimedia Foundation, j has been working as a sort of interpreter between librarians, who often raise concerns about the projects, and the work of the projects and the foundation. She has been spotted on occasion tinkering with a project or two. She is most notably a co-leader of the Boston area Wikipedia gatherings and quite involved with Wikimania.
Librarians, information scientists, archivists, information professionals, and people interested in these professions have lots of questions about Wikimedia Foundation projects, wikis, etc. They also have lots to share with each other and with the greater Wikimedia community. This session provides an open forum where people can come together to talk to each other about issues related to librarians, wikis, and Wikimedia Foundation projects.

Topics we might discuss include:

  • why use Wikimedia Foundation projects
  • why contribute to Wikimedia Foundation projects
  • criticism of Wikimedia Foundation projects
  • why we should or should not support Wikimedia Foundation projects
  • how we can educate people about the Wikimedia Foundation projects
  • what librarians can learn from the Wikimedia Foundation
  • the social value of Wikimedia Foundation projects
  • networking via Wikimedia Foundation projects
  • how information professionals are using wikis
  • wikis as networking tools
  • wikis as knowledge repositories
  • knowledge management with wikis
  • RSS/Atom feeds and wikis
  • archiving wikis
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