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This is the discussion page for Betsy Megas's presentation at Wikimania 2006, Defining WiktionaryZ. Please join the discussion below!

Defined meanings, discussed

Several people asked during the course of the discussion how to sort out defined meanings across languages. This just went through the IRC channel, and, with the permission of the participants, I'm posting it as an example of just that: defined meanings, being sorted out across English and Swedish by the community, in wiki fashion. Yes, the software as it stands needs better support for these sorts of changes. We're working on it. --Dvortygirl 14:42, 12 August 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

<habj>	GerardM: I very much want to remove the last part of DM1. laces and knitting 
have nothing to do with looms; why should they be in the definition?
<habj>	\Mike: gjort
<Dvortygirl>	Actually, I've seen "looms" that consist of some 
pattern of pegs on which to make lacy sorts of things.
<habj>	Dvortygirl: haha. really, that definition should be split in two
<habj>	Dvortygirl: but as the defintion is written, it does _not_ 
describe that you make laces and knittings in looms... does it?
<\Mike>	pattern of pegs? sounds like "knyppeldyna"... :P right, habj?
<Dvortygirl>	Well, the number-one definition should be the traditional
 rows-and-columns of thread sort of thing.
<habj>	\Mike: could be
<habj>	Dvortygirl: if the "frame" thing is included in the definition, 
that means many translations will probably not be perfect matches
<Dvortygirl>	Yes, certainly split off the pattern-of-pegs affair.
<habj>	a simple frame you can weave on in a simple way might be a loom, but i 
doubt it is a "vävstol"