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This page is part of the Proceedings of Wikimania 2006 (Index of presentations)

The collaborative project support wiki

Creator Kimberly Pirtle
License Heckert GNU.png GNU Free Documentation License (details)
About the creator
Presenters/Kimberly Pirtle/Biography
This project evolved out of a student Master's pilot project at the University of Denver in the Digital Media Studies program. The project began as an exploration of the tools available in a wiki to support a cohort of graduate students in their Master's projects. The initial goal was to not only find non-traditional archival and creative tools, but also to find technology that would enhance community amongst graduate students in the cohort. One of the interesting results of the project was the demonstrated potential of wikis to support research as well as a vehicle for community building.

The Collaborative Project Support Wiki focuses on project support in two different ways: individual project support and collaborative project support. Students making up the wiki community were encouraged to use the wiki as a resource for their Masters projects and class work as well as for planning graduation events including a gallery show that will feature our projects.

The wiki is a demonstration of how existing wiki software can shaped into a new tool for collaborative learning and non-linear research. It takes advantage of the unique possibilities of wikis as online research tools--enabling individuals and groups to maintain and share a record of research, suggest and promote alternative research processes, and benefit from community interaction and support. The wiki is also be a first-hand exploration of how a particular user (me) forms an individual conceptualization of digital research space.

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