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Intelpedia: Using MediaWiki to Share Information at Intel Corporation

Authors Josh Bancroft (Intel Corporation), John Miner (Intel Corporation)
License GNU Free Documentation License (details)
About the authors

Josh Bancroft works for Intel, and describes himself as a geek, blogger, photographer, podcaster, and technology evangelist. His blog can be found at http://www.tinyscreenfuls.com, where he blogs about mobile technology, life at Intel, and cool internet tools and trends.

Josh has worked in the IT group at Intel for over 6 years, and is responsible for implementing Intel's first company-wide internal wiki, called Intelpedia, which has grown to tens of thousands of users and over 8000 pages in the six months since it's launch. Since then, Josh has become well known inside of Intel as "the wiki guy" (he was already "the podcaster guy" and "the blog guy"), and continues to evangelize the collaboration benefits of wikis (as well as blogs and podcasting) to teams all across the 100,000 person company.
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Intelpedia is a MediaWiki created on the Intel corporate intranet. Josh Bancroft created it under the premise that every Intel employee is the best source of knowledge for their particular area of work, and a wiki is a great way to allow the 100,000 employees at the company to capture and share that knowledge. Launched as a "grassroots" project, it has been received with tremendous enthusiasm, growing to hundreds of articles and authors within weeks.

Interesting questions regarding security and protecting intellectual property have been raised. See how Intel is dealing with the potential risk of such an open tool, as well as the benefits of sharing information so freely among a large, global, diverse workforce.

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