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A wikimania-ting



  • sj : SJ, 1 cambridge center, floor 10. up Way Too Late Tonight.
  • ma: Mattis Manzel, Venice/Italy
  • mchua: Mel Chua, Needham MA

ma: Nice to see you trying out on collab editor.

sj: oh really. really nice.

ma: I've aquired some expierience on collab-editing and would be glad to help.

mchua: Excellent. Thanks, Mako - I think this will work great. We just need to make sure that everyone installs gobby 3.0 to be compatible.

ma: Thanks Mako, true.

sj: What are y'all up to? Should we edit with a purpose -- say to draft an ingredients list for "wikimania lozenges" ?

ma: signing in the beginning makes sense as when exporting a ting to wiki the colors get lost and you do not know who wrote what anymore.
Gobby is n o t perfect. To my expierience it crashes like once in two or three hours. When it crashes "rien ne va plus", no saving, no scrolling, nothing. All you can do is take a screenshot of the visible part of the page and "Ciao!" That means save a ting to your hard disk like every five minutes so the ting is not entirely lost.

Imaginable is also that a stupid troll comes along and deletes the whole session. Gobby has no history (like the proprietary MoonEdit has). In any case when retrieving a ting from a saved file the colors are lost as well.
Maybe we can appoint for a real-time session. I'm in Europe.

What we do in the tings is having a ting"n"_talk page (like this one, didn't name it appropriately) and a ting"n"_document page. the document-page is for live summarising the session. Results are copied over to it while still talking. Later the talk is copied to the discussion page and the document to the article page of the wiki.

A major drawback of gobby is that the mac installation is a horror-trip. It takes a night of dwnloading and three GiB (!) of free diskspace - that's what I heard and read. I do not know of anybody who has it running on a mac. MoonEdit has no mac version at all.

ma: Ok, after the sobby (that's the standalone server for gobby) was down I now retrieved the page from the copy on my harddisk and as you see (in gobby) the colors for that part of the text are gone.

I guess it would make sense to make a page on the wikimania-wiki to make more people aware of collab-editing. I will do so now and copy in what has been written so far.