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Mel is the main contact person for transcription.

What's happening now

Conference time is upon us, so things should be happening on the gobby servers soon. If you've got a laptop and are attending a session, please log onto the appropriate gobby server in that room; if you're on a gobby server and nobody's transcribing, go ahead and start. We'll collect the logs at the end of each day for cleanup and posting.

If you are currently live at Wikimania with a laptop

  1. download and install Gobby. You must install gobby 0.3, or you will not be able to access the server.
  2. Click "Join" and join the session at epoxy.media.mit.edu under the appropriate port (9001-9008) for the room you are in. See the Gobby Servers section.
  3. If there is no document for the session you are in yet, click "Create Document" and make one.
  4. If nobody else is transcribing yet, start typing notes from the conversation in the screen. If somebody is already transcribing, offer to help them, and then start filling in the blank spots in their notes with your own.
  5. If a remote participant asks a question in the chat, reply in the chat that you are relaying their message, voice the remote participant's comment or question to the other people in the room, and then transcribe the question and its reply.

Gobby Servers

There are eight gobby servers for the eight rooms. Each server will host one document per session or talk in its document list.

Room Host Port
Ames Courtroom epoxy.media.mit.edu Port 9001
Pound 100 epoxy.media.mit.edu Port 9002
Pound 101 epoxy.media.mit.edu Port 9003
Pound 102 epoxy.media.mit.edu Port 9004
Pound 107 epoxy.media.mit.edu Port 9005
Pound 200 epoxy.media.mit.edu Port 9006
Pound 335 epoxy.media.mit.edu Port 9007
Ropes Gray Rm. epoxy.media.mit.edu Port 9008

If there are any urgent problems with any servers of if a server becomes inaccessible or needs to be restarted, please contact Benjamin Mako Hill by email at mako@atdot.cc or by calling or SMSing him on his phone at +1 206-409-7191.

Please be advised that servers may be restarted at night. Please copy the transcription of the session out of Gobby and into the wiki. Do not assume that you will be able to retrieve your transcribed data from the gobby server at some later date!

Hacking Days

During Hacking Days, please use epoxy.media.mit.edu on port 9001, the server listed for the Ames Court Room above, for all Hacking Days transcription.

How you can help

We need people to help out both in person and remotely during and after the sessions. Basically, each session will have one speedtyper to capture raw content on gobby, 1-3 speededitors filling in the gaps and lack of punctuation, and a netbridger keeping the in-person and online aspects of each session synced up. Afterwards, we're going to need translators for everything. Of course, if you can translate live and want to volunteer, we'd love to have you do that as well.

During sessions (live)

Gobby speedtypers

For each live session, we need someone with a laptop and fingers of fury. If you type fast - fast enough to keep up with a speaker - this means you. Basically, you'll be typing the speakers' words (and the audiences' questions) verbatim as you listen. The idea is to get the largest dump of speech-to-text possible as it's happening; don't worry about grammar, spelling, punctuation, and catching every single word - that's what your speededitors are there for.

Speedtypers will be using Gobby, so you'll need to have that installed on your wireless-enabled laptop before the session starts.

Gobby speededitors

For each live session, we'll need 1-3 speededitors with laptops and sharp eyes to help out the speedtypers. You fill in the gaps; when a speedtyper is racing past 120wpm to keep up with a fast talker, they're going to inevitably miss chunks of sentences, indications of who's speaking, and other things like proper spelling. Your job is to turn the speedtyper's hastily-written text into something that's understandable by participants outside the conference room.

Speededitors will also be using Gobby, so you'll need to have that installed on your wireless-enabled laptop before the session starts.


For each live session, one of the speededitors will be the designated netbridger, serving as the point of contact between our watchers on the internet and the live session itself. They will be the Voice of the Netizens, voicing comments and questions from the IRC chat to the speaker, and the relayer of edited transcript (from the Gobby sessions with the speedtyper) to the IRC chatroom.

Netbridgers, like other speededitors, will be using Gobby, so you'll need to have that installed on your wireless-enabled laptop before the session starts. You will also need to have IRC on your laptop to commingle with the remote participants.

Live translators

We are in dire need of live translators in Mandarin, Spanish, and French, during a few sessions to allow our international audience to participate live. If you can listen in English while typing in a different language, especially one of the above three, please email Mel right now.

After sessions (live/remote)

Remote transcribing

In the event that we can't have live transcription of a session for one reason or another, we need people to make transcriptions from the audio files and/or podcasts.

Transcript translators

We need people to translate these transcripts as soon as possible after the event - the night after each session, if possible. Please sign up to translate specific sessions in the schedule below. We would particularly like to have each transcript translated into Mandarin, Spanish, and French, but all languages are welcome.


Let us know which events from the main schedule you'd be willing to fill what roles from (speedtyping, speedediting, netbridging, remote transcribing, translating).


J.Random Hacker -- speedytyper
M.Other editor -- editor
R.Bridger -- remote editor


Session Ames Courtroom Pound 100 Pound 101 Pound 103 Pound 107 Pound 200 Pound 335 Ropes Gray Rm.
1 (Fri)

Wikimania Rocks
J. Random Hacker - Speedtyper

Wikimania revisited
M.Other editor - netbridger

Session in 101

Session in 103

Session in 107

Session in 200

Session in 335

Open talk in Ropes Gray

#2 (Fri) nothing to see here, folks. move along now...


Name/contact Session Role
J. Random Hacker Wikimania Rocks Speedtyper


Name/contact Session Role
J. Random Hacker Wikimania Rocks Speedtyper

about gobby

The gobby servers are for version 0.3.x only (older and newer version are not compatible and likely ruin the session - so use 0.3.x only). More on wikimania-ting.

Available transcripts

  • Hacking days:

Tuesday, August 1st:

Friday, August 4th: