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Top ten reasons to attend Wikimania!

  1. Meet Wikipedians! And Wiktionarians, and Wikisourcians, and Wikians...
  2. Discuss the debates of the day (verification, 1.0, vandalism) in person
  3. Share real life Wikiexperiences
  4. Hear speakers like Brewster Kahle, Lawrence Lessig and Clay Shirky
  5. Get Jimbo's autograph and group photograph
  6. Experience different wikicultures in one place
  7. No revert changes! Once in a lifetime opportunity!
  8. See Boston and Cambridge
  9. Ask questions of the Wikimedia Board in person
  10. 1st annual international Calvinball tournament

What are your top ten reasons for coming to Wikimania? List them below!

  1. Meet Wikipedians
  2. Share Wikiexperiences
  3. get a picture of the future of wikis
  4. Listen to me babble
  5. Take care of unfinished business
  6. See Boston!
  7. get a t-shirt (why not two?)
  8. chat with no typos
  9. autographs by Jimbo and and friends
  10. No revert changes!, once in a lifetime opportunity
  11. Knowing for sure that user names are real people
  12. meet a non-wiki friend from that area while I'm there :)
  13. see new technology demos. the SoC students might have nice projects: liquid discussion threads, support for inbuilt video.
  14. See Jimbo speak!
  15. post questions to the board in person!
  16. meet other people who fear outsiders