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Not mistaken, curious yes. I am looking voor information about Moldova en very intressted in the where abouts of this country.I'f heard there is a lot off poverty in this country en a organization namend Dorcas in the Netherlands is adopting alderly people For help.did you now that? Every information is welkom, if you can givemy any i am very greatfull. Can you send it to my a-mailadress? Wich is: Thank you very much.

Perhaps this person needs to be directed to the reference desk. Brassratgirl 18:21, 22 June 2006 (UTC)Reply

Has anyone heard if they've got a scholarship yet?

Hi, I applied for this but haven't heard anything yet despite a reminder. Does anyone know anything about the progress of the awarding of these scholarships & whether (& when) they are letting people know if they've been accepted. It's getting a bit close to the actual date so I want to know ASAP whether I've been accepted as I'll need to get a visa and sort out a plane ticket if I have. Thanks. AllanHainey 14:58, 7 July 2006 (UTC)Reply