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changes to schedule

talk to phoebe before you make any substantive changes to the schedule. Thank you!


  • Cathy Ma moved to session 1 with Judith Donath; Adriana Amaral switched to Session 2 w/ Caeton/Alez.
  • Lightning talk session added to session 3
  • wikiparty BOF moved
  • ward cunningham added to session 1 w/ mako
  • session 5: paul ginsparg removed, jenny preece added to session with michael eisen
  • added wikinews/dan gillmor to session 5; moved betsy devine/joe reagle to session 8
  • swapped order in session 5
  • wikidata (session 6) & tech infrastructure (session 5) switched
  • added invited speaker tags
  • moved tech talks in sessions 7 & 8 around
  • added 3 lightning talk sessions (1 each day)


  • copyright basis workshop & wikinews discussion switched times on saturday afternoon
  • semantic web panel moved to last session on friday


  • copyright basis --> friday morning
  • switching open source and localization talks on Saturday (so EthanZ can moderate the latter)
  • cutting lightning talks 3
  • moving Barcamp in with semapedia

On-site schedules?

Will a printed version of the schedule be available on-site at the conference? Ike9898 20:32, 1 August 2006 (UTC)Reply


The times on this schedule are local times. I think it would be useful to specify that that and to indicate the difference between local time and UTC. And this seems to be UTC -4. This for the people who are following the conference online. This world clock can also be useful. Also the use of a 12hours time notation instead of 24hours seems confusing to me. It give me a very American, non-international impression. --Walter 22:46, 1 August 2006 (UTC)Reply


Please note that "Ames" does not refer to the Ames building. That is just dorms. You need to go to the Ames Courtroom on the 3rd floor of Austin Hall.

Video Formats

I'm rather surprised to see this conference using RealMedia... What are the chances of producing the videos in a free format?