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Local Shops

This list is meant to assist those of you who might need to make various purchases while you're in town. Most of these shops are located in or near Harvard Square or within an easy ride on a bus or subway.

Pharmacies and drug stores (aka chemists)

Near MIT

Kendall Pharmacy, Kendall Sq.


155 CHARLES STREET (In Charles Circle across the Longfellow Bridge - walkable)
BOSTON, MA 02114
Front Store Phone: (617) 523-1028
Pharmacy Phone: (617) 523-1028
Front Store Hours: Open 24 Hours
Pharmacy Hours: 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Near Harvard Law School

  • Montrose Spa up Massachusetts (Mass) Ave from the Law School (4 minutes walk, on left)
small convenience store; also has snacks, individual ice cream sandwiches and bars, and at peak hours sandwiches/sandwich press!)
  • Brooks Pharmacy up Massachusetts Ave from the Law School (8 minutes walk, on left)
comprehensive pharmacy/drug store with school supplies, medicines, shower and toiletry and makeup, snacks, magazines, hosiery, etc.
  • CVS
1426 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE (In the Square next to the cab stand.
Front Store Phone: (617) 354-4420
Pharmacy Phone: (617) 354-4420
Front Store Hours: Open 24 Hours
Pharmacy Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8:00 AM-10:00 PM; Sat.-Sun., 8:00 AM-8:00 PM
1-hour photo
Front Store Phone: (617) 576-1046
Front Store Hours: 07:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Skendarian on Cambridge Street (15-20 minute walk; past Cambridge Hospital)
Family owned and operated. Has a broader range of medical supplies than the chains but is almost entirely medical focused.

News stands

  • Out of Town News, Zero Harvard Square (Harvard Square T-Stop off the Red Line), Phone: 617-354-7777
  • Crimson Corner, 394 Massachusetts Avenue (immediately outside the Kendall Sq. T-stop off the Red Line), Phone: 617-864-0700

Grocery stores

  • Marcos and Khalid Fruit Purveyors Extraordinaire, Harvard Sq. T Station Mezzanine :Best prices around, but they are not air conditioned.
  • Montrose Spa, up Mass Ave from law school on left (4 minutes walk) - very small convenience/grocery
  • Evergood Market, up Mass Ave from the law school on left (5 minutes walk) - small grocery with produce & basic supplies
  • Broadway Supermarket - walk to the right of the firehouse on Broadway in Cambridge, just past part of Harvard Yard :The largest food store near the conference. They also have extensive prepared food and seating. A Starbucks is next door. (12 minutes walk from law school)
  • Harvest Co-operative Supermarkets, 581 Mass Ave (Central Square), Phone: 617-661-1580
  • Shaw's/Star Market, 20 Sidney Street (Central Square), Phone: 617-494-5250 :They also have a salad bar, a cafe/pastry counter and seating. Free WiFi.
  • Shaw's Market 49 WHITE ST.(Porter Square), Phone: 617-492-5566
  • Whole Foods Market, 115 Prospect St., Phone: 617-492-0070
  • Trader Joe's near Whole Foods Market

Book stores

  • Harvard Book Store, 1256 Massachusetts Avenue, Phone: 617.661.1515 - The only independent bookseller left in Harvard Sq. [the Grolier Poetry Shop which is sporadically open]
  • Harvard Coop, 1400 Mass Ave. (Across the street from the Harvard Square T-Stop off the Red Line), Phone: 617-499-2000 - operated by Barnes and Noble. They also have an in-store Cafe.
  • MIT Coop, 3 Cambridge Center (immediately outside the Kendall Sq. T-stop off the Red Line), Phone: 617-499-3200
  • Quantum Books (Kendall Square), 4 Cambridge Center, 617-494-5042
  • Pandemonium sci-fi and fantasy books, including a great used selection, 4 Pleasant Street Central Square area

Office supplies

  • Bob Slate Stationers, 1288 Massachusetts Ave. and Church Street in Harvard Square, Phone: 617-547-1230
  • Staples, 57 JFK Street in Harvard Square, Phone: 617-491-1166


  • Gnomon Copy, 1304 Mass Ave., Phone: 617-491-1111
  • Kinko's, 1 Mifflin Pl, Phone: (617) 497-0125, Fax: (617) 497-1334 (open 24 hours)

Post office

Where to buy MIT or Harvard gear

  • Harvard Coop, 1400 Mass Ave. (Across the street from the Harvard Square T-Stop off the Red Line), Phone: 617-499-2000
  • MIT Coop, 3 Cambridge Center (immediately outside the Kendall Sq. T-stop off the Red Line), Phone: 617-499-3200. There is also a satellite store in the Student Center which is off the number one bus.
  • On weekdays there is also a small Harvard Law School version of the Coop available in the law school's Harkness Commons building

Computer/Technology Stores

If you need that last minute Flash Card/USB Cable/etc for your Digital Camera/Laptop/Video Camera:

  • BestBuy, 100 Cambridgeside Pl. 02141 (About 30 min. walk from Kendall Sq., you can take the shuttle from Kendall Sq. to the Galleria, or go to Lechmere on the Green Line (subway and bus station)) Phone: 617-577-8866
  • CompUSA, 205 Market Street, Brighton, MA (1 mile away from Harvard Campus). Phone: (617) 783-1900
  • Micro Center, 730 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02139 (on the River between Harvard and MIT). Phone: (617) 234-6400
  • Apple Store in the Cambridgeside Galleria, where BestBuy is (see above).
  • Staples in Harvard Square can handle some basic computing needs, like printer paper, some cables and parts, CDs, etc.
  • A few Radio Shacks are also located nearby, with one in Harvard Square, one in Porter Square, and one in Central Square.


  • American Express in Harvard Square may be able to help American Express card carriers, as well as exchange certain kinds of currency.
  • Many banks are in the heart of Harvard Square, including the Bank of America and many local banks. Sum ATMS, which are free or less costly for SUM network members, pepper the square. It is common to require people to swipe their bank cards in a lock on the door to the ATMs.
  • A AAA is located in downtown Boston, about a 15-30 minute subway ride from Harvard Square.


Do you have a request to know where to get something specific or are you looking for a particular shop or service? If so, put a request for that info here or on the talk page. Perhaps someone can add it.