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Seems I'm the first on this page. I missed some of the end of [[MB's talk -> http://wikimania2006.wikimedia.org/wiki/Proceedings:MB1]] due to a tech issue. Am back for this.

I communicated with KS last year re his Bambara Wikipedia work and am looking forward to this. A12N

Compensating Wikipedia contributions in Africa

This might be controversial for Wikipedias but could be good for Africa.

Topic raised early and discussed more later in the talk... Missed who aside from KS was speaking. Question of business model - two aspects involved: where to get the money (PKI and Kasahorow have some ideas, I think that KS with Geekcorps working with projects with telecenters had others) and how to get the compensation to who in the African country.


There are books published in Bambara but KS is right that there's not a lot.

Bambara is a Manding language. More info at http://www.panafril10n.org/wikidoc/pmwiki.php/PanAfrLoc/Manding

SOme localization talk is to treat some Manding languages together. This might be a topic for Wikipedia. This is different than Swahili which has a fairly standardized version, and more like most African languages (e.g., Akan http://www.panafril10n.org/wikidoc/pmwiki.php/PanAfrLoc/Akan ). How to treat very closely related languages (dialects of same language) and crossborder languages where different countries use different orthographies.

Task force

Ref was made to my e-mail mentioning this topic. This was not just intended for academics, but MB (if that was him offscreen?) is I think referring to a related but separate discussion on the H-Africa list http://www.h-net.org/~africa/ (search Wikipedia on this if you're interested). African studies scholars are interested in Wikipedia, though there are diverse opinions on its value for research, scholarly production, and teaching.

What the task force has to do with is mainly how to give some encouragement and overview to the evolution of Wikipedias in African languages - continentwide. More on this here: Facilitating African Language Wikipedias.

Question of language classes & "Afrophone" wikipedias

Topic of involving students in language classes. THis idea is good, esp. if involves advanced students. Not a substitute for native speakers, but, with guidance of native-speaking instructors, can produce some useful content. There is discussion for other languages such as Swahili.

Aargh again (not for discussion)

Transmission problems.

Seems like there was some really interesting discussion going, but my video screen is frozen again.

Would be great if these sessions had rapporteurs to give text summaries!