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Let's start a political party based on wiki.


  • Why not? Considering current state of politics, what is there to loose?
  • 5 years ago most people would have said that Wikipedia could never work
  • Similar in a way: Piratpartiet, a three-issue party, pro-privacy, anti-patent and anti-crazy-copyright-laws.
  • We the Media, how the blogosphere and websites such as OhmyNews are having real influence on the political landscape.


Some proposed principles:

  1. Based on the Wiki principle: anyone can edit almost anything
  2. No politicians are paid

Campaign Wikia

The Campaigns Wikia was founded by Jimmy Wales and "has the goal of bringing together people from diverse political perspectives who may not share much else, but who share the idea that they would rather see democratic politics be about engaging with the serious ideas of intelligent opponents, about activating and motivating ordinary people to get involved and really care about politics beyond the television soundbites." [1]



  • In countries
    • with political systems in which 1% of the votes will lead to some influence and media attention (i.e. not in US)
    • where people are fairly well educated
    • where broadband internet is fairly common (i.e. >70% of households)


  • The idea is entering the noosphere
  • Needs some more time to develop
  • If nothing yet happened in 2015: I will...


  • Does it matter? Some will say: yes, and are shouting about Wikipedia

What else?

  • Tell me!


  • Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom - Cory Doctorow