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This is the discussion page for Kevin Driscoll & Rob Lucas's workshop at Wikimania 2006, Free the curriculum: supporting educators with open content. Please join the discussion below!


At the end of our workshop on Saturday, we agreed to meet here to continue our discussion. I'll start with a simple outline and photos from the brainstorming. --Kevin Driscoll 8 August 2006

The story thus far..

What has been tried? What can we learn from these efforts?

Living projects

Wikipedia School and University Projects
Big listing of ed projects on Wikipedia
New Wikimedia project - dedicated to teaching and learning resources and learning communities
Open Licence (GFDL)
Plone based
Cc-by license
Teachers Pay Teachers
Closed license
Micropayments for individual lesson plans
We The Teachers
Not sure it is truly copyleft, see licensing legalese [1]
Launched May 2006
Teach Forward (f.d. Rob and Kevin's project)
Permissive CC licensing
Built on free software ccHost
Cc-by-sa license
Launched April 2006 for teachers of English as a second or foreign language to collaborate on teaching materials and share ideas worldwide and regionally. The more people that get involved, even if on separate websites, the better.
MIT Open Course Ware open educational resources
Cc-by-nc-sa license
Open Course
Launched some years ago.
It is a Plone site.
Tapped In
Launched 1995
A Stanford Research Institute (SRI) custom site

Teachers' Unique Needs

  • Easy learning curve
  • Low demands on time
  • Minimal alteration to existing workflow
  • Free/open licensing
  • Low browser/ bandwidth/ hardware demands
  • Format agnostic (e.g. must allow MS Office.)
  • Accessible in multiple languages
  • Effective feedback mechanisms
  • Emphasis on trust and reputation
  • Comprehensive data collection
  • Private work areas for unfinished projects
  • Branching to allow for multiple approaches
  • Flexible tagging

See also

http://www.KBteachers.com Where teachers help teachers. Paid membership site revenue sharing pays for your works

Action Steps

Other places where these conversations happen:

Brainstorms from the Workshop