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This is the discussion page for Karen Christensen's presentation at Wikimania 2006, Reference publishing panel. Please join the discussion below!

Please add questions that you'd like to ask these editors/publishers!

  • I want to know things about research: how they do it, if they hire people to do it, are there guidelines or quality controls -- jkbaumga
  • How do you fact-check specific pieces of information? I'd like to know how you verify that the information you get back from your expert contributors is actually correct.
  • I'm also wondering how you choose what topics to include or exclude in a general or special encyclopedia. Same with dictionaries: I guess it's easier to be comprehensive in a dictionary, but how do you make editorial choices on what is in or out? phoebe

And here are a few questions that the presenters would like to ask you!

  • How do you--a Wikipedia contributor--decide on topics to correct or edit or add? Do you have a particular area of expertise that you want to share, or is it a more casual process?
  • If there are certain topics you know a lot about, how do you manage to update them, and do you have a routine for checking changes others have made? If others make corrections to your work, how do you verify their information (or your own, before replacing with correct data)?
  • Is it true that Wikipedia is much better for some subjects than others? Any thoughts about what a more traditional, expert-written encyclopedia is (or could be) better for?
  • What was the main motivator behind your involvement in the Wikipedia world? Sharing what you know? Being involved in a freely available project?