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Latest comment: 17 years ago by Singkong2005 in topic On smaller wikis
This is the discussion page for Finne Boonen's workshop at Wikimania 2006, Fighting Vandalism with Vandalfighter. Please join the discussion below!

On smaller wikis

I'm active in a small but growing wiki, Appropedia, which only has a handful of active editors. Currently anonymous editing is blocked. It might be good to allow anonymous editing, but is it possible to effectively restrict vandalism in a small wiki? Or is there a particular size of editing community that can allow vandalism-fighting to be effective, without wasting an excessive proportion of editors' time?

I'm going to experiment with Lupin's anti-vandal tool. Some kind of bot such as Tawkerbot2 might be good too, if we can find an editor with a computer that runs 24 hrs.

Just thought I'd flag this as an issue of interest, prior to the talk and discussion. --Singkong2005 (participating online) 05:06, 1 August 2006 (UTC)Reply