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Something that I've noticed is that a lot depends on the "openness" of the community. I've noticed a relatively large number of articles on particle physics, computer science, and mathematics, but a relatively few number of articles on quantitative finance and oil exploration.

The reason for this is that physicists and mathematicians like to talk about what they are doing. People in finance and oil exploration don't, and this skews the contributions.

Roadrunner 06:10, 12 July 2006 (UTC)Reply

Yes, and those scholarly communities seem to be the first to go to open access journals as well. Beyond this, they also are more likely to fit into the NPOV. The humanities are all about MPOV, and so it's a bit harder.
Halavais 19:21, 4 August 2006 (UTC)Reply

This one leads nicely into what happens when the Harry Potter enthusiasts get tired of fighting AFDs. :-) GreenReaper 22:44, 25 July 2006 (UTC)Reply

The page with the Polish bios statistics I did (much less professional then yours): w:User:Piotrus/Wikipedia interwiki and specialized knowledge test.--Piotrus 20:30, 5 August 2006 (UTC)Reply