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Wikivoices - Culture and Heritage

Authors Roland Burger, Prof. Raoul Weiler
License Heckert GNU.png GNU Free Documentation License (details)
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A project for the preservation of the languages and cultures of Nigeria and cultural exchange. Wikivoices will document and preserve the variety of languages in Nigeria and to render them accessible to the world. The languages will be recorded via a standardized microphone recording procedure and recorded in a lossless format with a high sampling rate so that we achieve two results: one we document the language in its original format and also in the english translation and transcription. Therefore we will be laying the ground for a future use of the data in linguistic research projects and also for instance in automated translation systems. Potential partners that have shown interest include but are not limited to: Brewster Khale of Internet Archive, Benjamin Martin of Yale University Council on Africa/AfrophoneWiki, Kasper Soren, Bambara Wiki.
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