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This page is part of the Proceedings of Wikimania 2006 (Index of presentations)

Integration of Wikipedia Previews into Web Pages

Creators Martin Rotard, Mark Giereth, Thomas Ertl
License GNU Free Documentation License (details)
About the creators
Martin Rotard has been researcher and PostDoc of the Visualization and Interactive Systems Institute, University of Stuttgart, since June 2001. His research interests are new graphical standards on the web like Scalable Vector Graphics, MathML, X3D, SMIL, etc., Human Computer Interaction, Usability, and Accessibility. His development activities are in the field of XML-based graphics, semantic web technologies, universal access on the web, graphical user interfaces and software usability.
Mark Giereth is a researcher at the University of Stuttgart's VIS institute. His research interests are in the field of the Semantic Web, information visualization and machine learning techniques.
Thomas Ertl received a masters degree in computer science from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a PhD in theoretical astrophysics from the University of Tuebingen. Currently, Dr. Ertl is a full professor of computer science at the University of Stuttgart, Germany and the head of the Visualization and Interactive Systems Institute (VIS). Prior to that he was a professor of computer graphics and visualization at the University of Erlangen where he lead the scientific visualization group. Besides that, he is a cofounder and a member of the managing board of science+computing ag, a Tuebingen based IT company. His research interests include visualization, computer graphics and human computer interaction in general with a focus on volume rendering, flow visualization, multiresolution analysis, parallel and hardware accelerated graphics, large datasets and interactive steering. Dr. Ertl is coauthor of more than 200 scientific publications and he served on several program and paper committees as well as a reviewer for numerous conferences and journals in the field.
Wikipedia has become one of the most important information sources when searching for definitions and background information. But using the Wikipedia search form forces the users to leave their current context. In order to improve the integration of Wikipedia into the user's context, we propose /Wikipedia previews/ that allow for presenting related Wikipedia articles directly within the current web page. In a first step, phrases of the original web page are automatically highlighted and linked to relevant Wikipedia articles if they occur in the title of the article. When the user selects a highlighted phrase, the article is integrated into the DOM tree of the web page as a preview panel realized by an IFrame. Multiple panels can be displayed in the same web page. Each panel can be moved and resized. This technique has the advantage that all browsers can be used without forcing the user to install a browser specific plugin. Only the activation of JavaScript is required. The augmentation of web pages is done by a Web service that can also be run locally.
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