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Wikipedia and the Semantic Web, Part II

Authors Denny Vrandecic, Markus Krötzsch, Max Völkel
Track Technical Infrastructure
License GNU Free Documentation License (details)
About the authors
Denny Vrandecic is a researcher at the University of Karlsruhe's AIFB institute. He received his Master after studying Computer Science and Philosophy at the University of Stuttgart. Now his research interests include the Semantic Wikipedia, ontology evaluation, and keeping in mind that making life easier for humans remains the main focus. He authored modules for the German role playing game Das Schwarze Auge, and created the first validating XML parser for Ada. He is a bureaucrat at the Croatian, and an editor on the German and English Wikipedia. He is one of the main developers of the Semantic Mediawiki.
Markus Krötzsch studied Computational Logic in Dresden before starting work on his PhD thesis at Karlsruhe University. His work and research is focused on advancing the "Semantic Web" and related technologies for organising, processing and retrieving knowledge. Markus enjoys both coding and mathematics, and is a core developer of the Semantic MediaWiki extension.
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At last year's Wikimania, we presented the idea of combining Wikipedia, the world's biggest collaboratively created source of encyclopedic knowledge, and the Semantic Web, a project to create a world wide decentralized knowledge base on top of the current web. We identified the need to allow knowledge processing in a computer assisted way within Wikipedia, for example to intelligently query the knowledge base, and allow for new navigation, browsing and knowledge management features, like automatically created lists or unit conversion. To this end, we proposed the introduction of typed links as a simple and unintrusive way for rendering large parts of Wikipedia machine readable.

Since last year the proposal was discussed, changed and extended. Implementation has started, and the extension has been installed and tested in several sites. In this paper we present the extensions that have been included to the original proposal and the current state of the implementation, as well as some of the future plans.

The presentation for this talk is available online at Information about Semantic MediaWiki can be found at

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