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This page is part of the Proceedings of Wikimania 2006 (Index of presentations)

What's cooking in MediaWiki: Single sign-on, version tagging, and other goodies

Author Brion Vibber
Track Technical Infrastructure
License Heckert GNU.png GNU Free Documentation License (details)
About the author
Brion Vibber has been working on the MediaWiki software that runs Wikipedia and its sister sites since 2002, leading development and maintenance since 2003. He currently serves as CTO of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., coordinating new software development and content sharing support.
Overview of new and upcoming major software features, and how they will support and affect the wiki projects.

Among the most significant is the unification of user accounts across Wikimedia's projects and languages, allowing visitors to upload a file on Wikimedia Commons, insert it into a Wikipedia article, and stub out a Wiktionary entry without creating their account three times.

Experimental stable revision tagging features to manage the visibility of vandalism and high-profile articles will also be discussed.

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