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Presenters/Paul Kobasa

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Paul Kobasa

AffiliationVice-president, editorial & editor in chief, World Book, Inc.
Paul Kobasa began his work life as an academic librarian before moving to scholarly publishing when he joined Greenwood Press (now the Greenwood Publishing Group, Westport CT) in 1977. At Greenwood, Kobasa worked successively as an indexer, production manager, acquisitions editor, and marketing manager. He drew on both his library and scholarly publishing experience when he joined the American Library Association (Chicago) in 1983 to head marketing operations for ALA's publishing division. In 1988 he was recruited by World Book to develop topical reference publications and has launched such successful publications as the World Book "Power Line" series of academic self-help publications, the World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia, and World Book's Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists. He also has been instrumental in the evolution of World Book's electronic publishing efforts, and now as World Book's vice-president, editorial and editor in chief, he is responsible for the content development and business management of World Book's print and electronic publications for the worldwide school-and-library and home-consumer markets.