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Presenters/Ken Myers

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This page is part of the Proceedings of Wikimania 2006.

Ken Myers (ksm10)

AffiliationHarvard Law School
Ken S. Myers is a recent graduate of Harvard Law School and will be joining Sullivan & Cromwell New York as an associate in the fall. His first interaction with Wikipedia came when the article on his law school IM flag football team was deleted - after heated debate - for lack of notability. Naturally, he wrote a paper (Wikimmunity: Fitting the Communications Decency Act to Wikipedia) to satisfy his curiosity regarding the Wikipedia phenomenon, the findings of which he is delighted to share at Wikimania 2006. Other than playing flag football, Ken spent his time at HLS as captain of the law school crew team and Managing Technical Editor of the Harvard Journal of Law and Technology. Wikimania 2006 will be but one week after the New York bar exam, so please - don't ask him about trusts, wills, or other in(s)anities of New York law.