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Presenters/Erin McKean

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Erin McKean

AffiliationOxford University Press
Erin McKean is editor in chief of U.S. dictionaries for Oxford University Press. She is the editor of Verbatim: The Language Quarterly and the author of Weird and Wonderful Words and More Weird and Wonderful Words. McKean has a BA and an MA in Linguistics from the University of Chicago. While there, she worked as a volunteer at the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary. Before OUP, she spent eight years at Scott Foresman, where she worked on the Thorndike Barnhart children's dictionaries. McKean is a member of the American Dialect Society, the American Names Society, and Euralex and is a member of the board of the Dictionary Society of North America. Her publications include two papers in Dictionaries, the journal of the DSNA. She is a computer enthusiast and has given several presentations on SGML and XML to Chicago Webgrrls.