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Participating via IRC

From Wikimania

IRC is one of the oldest "chatting" system on the Internet, and most of Wikimedia's online conversations happen in IRC channels. For the conference, we will be using the irc.Freenode.net channel #wikimania.

Methods to connect

  • Web-based using IRC at Work
Example of login screen for IRC at Work
IRC at Work is a publicly available IRC client for any server/channel, so click here for its front page, and use the following info at the login screen:
Nickname: <insert your name here>
Server: irc.freenode.net
Channel: #wikimania
You should see a list of people in the chat on your right.
Use the same server and channel information as above.
  • One click access. For users who have never used IRC, the easiest way is to use a web-based interface. Wikipedian Walter Vermeir has created a one click solution. Fill in your name and click on "Login" at his web-based IRC client.

Why chat?

You may ask - why is chatting during a conference so interesting? A number of reasons:

  • Audience members can immediately discuss matters addressed by speakers, making it more interactive
  • Provides a good signal/noise ratio way to submit questions to a moderator