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Moderation instructions

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This is an archived page from Wikimania 2006. Thanks to all who participated.

This page is currently a draft. All session times, moderator assignments, and instructions are subject to change.

Thank you for volunteering to be a moderator for Wikimania 2006.

Please see the table below for details of which session you are moderating. This includes a list of people in your session.

Details of these sessions are linked from the schedule. If you need contact information for any speaker and you do not have access to OTRS to check this for yourself, please ask Angela Beesley.

List of moderators

More are needed! Please contact Angela if you would like to be a moderator.

These people are moderating or self-moderating at Wikimania 2006:

  1. Sam Klein
  2. Jonathan Zittrain
  3. Andrew Lih
  4. j Baumgart
  5. Cathy Ma
  6. Angela Beesley
  7. Andrea Forte
  8. Oscar
  9. Amgine
  10. Alexander Wait
  11. Cormac Lawler
  12. Ethan Zuckerman
  13. Jean-Baptiste Soufron
  14. Erik Möller
  15. The Cunctator
  16. Gerard Meijssen
  17. Betsy Megas
  18. Jason Richey
  19. Gil Penchina
  20. Kevin Flaherty
  21. Mark Pellegrini

Types of moderators

Keynote moderators (K)

Moderators of keynote sessions should acquire some volunteers to handle the audience microphones during the question and answer session.

Session moderators (S)

This is the main sort of moderation, and applies to all presentations and panels, and also to workshops and discussions where the speaker does not wish to self-moderate.

Room-only moderators (R)

For some workshops and discussion groups, speakers are happy to self-moderate. In these cases, you need only check the room and ensure the speakers know how to get there. There is no need for an introduction or for you to remain in the session for these.

Lightning moderators (L)

Timekeeping will be difficult but important for the lightning talk sessions. Please make extra sure your speakers understand the time limits and be prepared to enforce these.

The speakers will not be known until the event, since these are organised during Wikimania itself.


  1. Find your speaker(s) as soon as possible and introduce yourself to them.
  2. Find out some information that your speakers would like you to say about them and their topic in your introduction (unless the speaker is self-moderating and requires no introduction)
  3. Make sure your speakers know which room they will be speaking in.
  4. Make sure your speakers know how long they must speak for.
  5. Ask the speakers to be at the room at least 10 minutes in advance of their session.
  6. Make sure you have a watch or clock so you can end the session on time.
  7. Check the room is ready at least 15 minutes before the session.
  8. Make sure the microphones work if any are present and call someone to help if you can't get them working (contact info: ???)
  9. Make sure water and cups are available for the speakers. You can collect these from ???.
  10. You may want to remind the audience to switch off their phones.
  11. Briefly introduce the speakers and their topic unless they are intending to self-moderate.
  12. Ensure the speaker finishes on time. You should pick up printed time cards from ??? so that you can hold these up to show the speaker when they have x minutes remaining.
  13. Field questions from the audience if the speaker does not want to handle that themselves (you should check in advance which they prefer).
  14. At the end of the session, thank the speakers for speaking and the audience for attending. Tell the audience what is next on the schedule and where to go for that. After session 1 is lunch followed by Lawrence Lessig's keynote, after session 2 is afternoon break, after session 3 is a short break before the wrap up and poster session, after session 4 is a break followed by Brewster Kahle's keynote, after session 5 is afternoon break, after session 6 is a short break followed by a wrap up and the main conference party, after session 7 is a break followed by the Wikimedia Foundation Board Panel, after session 8 is a break followed by David Weinberger's keynote.

Moderation schedule

See schedule for details. 1a refers to session one, column A (Benjamin Mako Hill and Ward Cunningham)

Keynotes, etc

  • Wales: moderated by Sj
  • Lessig: moderated by Jonathan Zittrain
  • Kahle: moderated by Sj
  • Board panel: moderated by Andrew Lih
  • Weinberger: moderated by j Baumgart
  • Lightning Talks: Cathy Ma

Session 1

a: ames: Erik Möller
b: 101: Andrea Forte
c: 102: Oscar
d: 100: Chris Messina, Alexis Rondeau and Stan Wiechers (self-moderated)
e: 335: Kat Walsh
f: 107: Amgine

Session 2

a: Jonathan Zittrain. Room mod= Alexander Wait
b: Oscar
c: Cormac Lawler Room mod= Andrea Forte
d: Ethan Zuckerman Room mod= Greg May
e: Rob Lanphier
f: Jb and Gary.

Session 3

a: Jonathan Zittrain. Room-mod= Jean-Baptiste Soufron
b: Erik Möller Room mod= Greg May
c: Martin Walker.
d: Angela Eugene
e: Finne Boonen (self-moderated)
f: Jb and Gary.

Session 4

a: Jean-Baptiste Soufron
b: The Cunctator
c: Sheizaf Rafaeli. Cormac to room mod
d: j Baumgart
e: Angela
f: Jennifer Zagurski.

Session 5

a: Andrea Forte
b: Gerard Meijssen
c: Cormac Lawler
d: Angela
e: Pramod Raghavendra, Hari Prasad Nadig (self-moderated)
f: Kasper Souren

Session 6

a: Betsy Megas
b: Kevin. Room mod= Alexander Wait
c: Andrew Lih
d: Jason Richey
e: Erik Möller.
f: Cormac Lawler

Session 7

a: Angela
b: Alexander Wait
c: Kevin Flaherty
d: Cormac
f: Markus Krötzsch and Denny Vrandecic.

Session 8

a: Fernanda Viégas (self-moderated)
b: Kasper Souren
c: Cormac Lawler
d: Erik Möller
e: Gil Penchina
f: Mark Pellegrini