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A Saturated Durable Goods and Credit Markets ;   This is why we need to think about alternative growth areas that don't rely on Durable Goods to produce a Profit margin . The over supply of durables goods will most certainly lead to stagflation , we have seen this senario before in historic events . The Government needs money , so they are raising the interest rates because they know growth can't be sustained off of an surplused credit market , and saturated durable goods markets , that can't keep up the sales pace it needs for increasing tax revenues , based off profit levels . We need a balancing beam , like a alternative investment platform , that will allow a way to offset the push for growth in the durable goods sector , for profits , to a area that can grow based off of worldwide economic demand on sustaining societies needs , based on 40 or 50 year future growth cycle projections , and place this demand of growth on a valuation growth sector of investment platforms that can generate growth based off of future valuation needs of the worldwide economic infrustructure growth needs in a Leveraged position placed upon the Precious Metals Markets , via a Floating Bretton Woods system . This approach would then yield a direction to balance the credit fed growth of the Societies of the world , based off of only a Durable goods direction , and using only Consumer purchasing power as the only means to grow Capital Markets . The balancing act between these two types of growth sectors can and Will Self Balance , Credit markets , and sustain economic growth worldwide , if these two market secotrs can run in Tandem , so people can invest back and forth between them, and the effect of a International Floating Precious Metals market that is valued equally worldwide , will give the investors and the Governments of WTO trading partners avenues to balance Trade Deficits , because of differences in values of paper currencies , that when one countries lower values are traded with a higher valued currency , the effect is a Trade Imbalance , ie: China and the Pacific Rim Countries , and the USA trade imbalances today   . The worry that the investor might take to one or the other of these two market sectors , is not a Worry at this point , because people will invest in one for a while only to reinvest later in the other, and will be invested in both , but fluctuate their investment based on economic outlooks as they unfold , because the desire to want durable goods  won't stop  . So if this trend is allowed to function in a Tandem platform , then the saturated Credit driven , Durable Goods markets will balance , and at the same time world growth can be sustained , lifting societies up out of Poverty , and Maybe just maybe , we all become a Happier , Healthier , Group of People that make up the Societies that live in Peace . Please those of you in Key Positions of Power within the World , don't let those in control of Resouce Based markets sway the Econimic Policies decisions being made , that could direct this trend into motion , as it would be a future that we all could benefit from . I was told by a wise person this statement " A Good Deal Has got to be a Good Deal for Everyone , or Pretty Soon it is not a Good Deal for Anyone " . This is Powerful , and should be Considered for Economic Community Sustainability , and would lead to peace .
Thank you for your debate on this and have a Great day . Anthony J. Newbill , P.O. Box 21360 , Wickenburg, Arizona , 85358  ajironworks@w3az.net