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Memorable quotes from Conference day #3

"Garbage! Total garbage! This Wikimedia Foundation discussion... it's all politics, not science." -- Elan Pavlov, leaving Ames

"...just as with japanese toilets, we need to understand the role and mission" -- Florence Devouard, during a morning presentation.

"Let me try to translate software engineer to Muppet." -Gil, Wikia CEO, talking to the founder of Muppet wiki
"And if you mix them, you get furries!" - GreenReaper, founder of WikiFur

Brad Patrick: "And I freely admit that I have absolutely no idea what my life is going to be like over the next six months"

Brad (on being asked a copyright question, writes WP:FU on the board) "That means fair use"

"I am not fact based." David Weinberger

David Weinberger: "Wikipedia's willingness to admit its own fallibilities makes it more credible"

David Weinberger: (On referencing Martin Heidegger) "Now I understand that [Ludwig] Wittgenstein is a much cooler philosopher to reference, because he was not a Nazi son of a bitch."

SJ - "If you submit a bunch of question marks, you can win"

Mark Pellegrini: Kat, I volunteered you for something
Kat Walsh: Oh god
Mark Pellegrini: You're an American citizen, right?