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Saturday's quotes of the day

Danny Horn: (Answering questions after talks at Wikimania) "All these hands go up, and you realize, oh, these people are used to having a talk page for everything!"

Brewster Kahle: "So we have this problem with orphan works. And the question is: are librarians allowed to index old out-of-print books? In the United States, the way you ask a question is that you file a lawsuit."

Brewster Kahle: "Channeling my inner Jack Valenti, I came up with the term 'orphaned works'. Who doesn't want to help the orphans?!"

Alex Schenck: "Raise your hand here if you have edited Wikipedia"
Larry Pieniazek: "Does that include vandalizing?"

Larry Pieniazek: "Stop taking pictures of me, dammit"

James Forrester: (on separating enforcement of arbitration committee decisions) "The judges don't actually go hang people"