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Hacking Days

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Harvard's Mark I computer

Hacking Days was held from 1-3 August at the One Laptop per Child offices at Kendall Square in Cambridge, at the corner of MIT's campus. It was a chance to meet the MediaWiki developers and Wikimedia technical staff, hear technical presentations, discuss various tech issues, and do some relaxed hacking.

Hacking Days was participatory only and geared towards active developers. We can't stress this enough: we want to ensure an extremely high signal-to-noise ratio for the developers. While we're not quite prepared to make Hacking Days an invite-only event, we discourage attendance by passive or non-technical participants (and encourage you to enjoy Boston in the summertime instead :-)

Registration and more information

Registration is now closed; email wikimania@wikimedia.org if you believe your case warrants a special exception.


Getting to 1 Cambridge Center : from the Kendall T, turn to face the Marriott Hotel, head to the right along Main Street; 1 Cambridge Center is the next building on your left. You can also ask inside the Marriott for directions.

Getting to the MIT Media Lab : the nearest T stop is also the Kendall T. The Media Lab is on Ames Street : directions on their site.

Provisional program

A Hacking Days schedule is now available. Please note that Tuesday's events are primarily for MediaWiki committers; other attendees : see Hacking Days Extras, and feel free to join up at 5:40 at 7 Cambridge Center for the Broad Midsummer series.