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Saturday - August 5 2006

Time Session - Ames Session - Pound 101 Session - Pound 102 Session - Pound 100 Discussions - Pound 335 Workshops - Pound 107 Open space
9:00–9:15 Welcome, daily announcements and overview
9:15–9:30 Break
9:30–11:00 Session 4 Views on collaboration:

Yochai Benkler: The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom (invited speaker)
Rishab Ghosh: 200 years of collaborative ownership: from open source steam engines to free genetics, Linux and Wikipedia (invited speaker)

What can Wikipedia learn from Open Source Software Development? (panel discussion)

Wikis in Education: Wiki uses in learning and teaching (panel)

Wikis in libraries: Wikis: Enabling library knowledgebases (panel)

Laurence Parry: A Tale of Two Wikis: Techniques for building, managing and promoting collaborative communities

Angela Beesley: Cross-wiki policy and features discussion

Wikisource workshop: editorial choices

11:00–11:30 Break
11:30–12:30p Plenary: Brewster Kahle - Universal Access to All Knowledge (Ames) (Video)
12:30–2:00p Lunch (Ropes Gray)

j Baumgart: Librarianesque birds of a feather session, Pound 200;

Kat Walsh: OTRS discussion session

(Pound 335)

2:00–3:30p Session 5

Michael Eisen (invited speaker): Open academic publishing

Jenny Preece (invited speaker):Community, Social Interaction and Wikipedia

♦ Betsy Megas: Defining WiktionaryZ
♦ Erik Moeller: Wikidata: Creating the structured wiki

Wikis in Education:
♦ Piotr Konieczny: Wikimedia projects as a teaching tool
♦ Jan-Bart Devreede: The use of wikis and Wikipedia in Dutch Education
♦ Salvor Gissurardottir: Wikibooks, webquests and Wikipedia

Wikipedia community dynamics:
♦ Alex Schenck: Observations From The Bridge: Why Wikipedia Is So Attractive
♦ Seth Anthony: Contribution patterns among active Wikipedians
♦ Srinivas Gunta: Role of trust in an open system - The process of RfAs

Language and cultural barriers and challenges to Wikipedia (discussion)

Kasper Souren: The Wiki Party bof, a political party based on wiki
Olin panel: Creating a wiki-like college

Lightning talks #2

3:30–4:00p Afternoon break
4:00–5:30p Session 6

Karen Christensen, Paul Gazzolo, Erin McKean (invited speakers): Publishing dead-trees encyclopedias

Technical infrastructure:
Brion Vibber: What's cooking in MediaWiki: Single sign-on, version tagging, and other goodies

Hacking days review

A Q&A session with the English Wikipedia Arbitration Committee (panel)

Technical Infrastructure:
♦ Christoph Sauer: What you see is wiki - Questioning WYSIWYG in the internet age
♦ Darniet Jennings: Why WYSIWIKI?
♦ Chris Luer: Disambiguation: the key to information architecture?

Wikis and the news:
♦ Wikinews discussion
♦ Dan Gillmor - citizen journalism BoF

Wikis in Education Discussion: Free the curriculum: Supporting educators with open content (discussion)

5:30–5:45p Break
5:45–6:00p Daily wrapup, session summary
Saturday evening outside activities, attendee party