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With current digital technology we can build comprehensive collections, and with digital networks we can make these available to students and scholars all over the world - Brewster Kahle, the first few minutes are choppy....after that it is fine.
Need good citations to sources....WikiMedia provides access to all human knowledge.....Wikimedia produces annotated introductions to primary electronic archives.
Open and engineering PLoS, etc.
MediaWiki addition: why not automate the creation of hypertext links between Wikipedia articles?

Watch list

Finding and keeping content creators
ensuring quality, engaging contributors
wikipedia as an educational tool
recent history of the Foundation | listen
verification of contributor identity
Lumiar school, 2 years of wiki use
challenge educators, Wikimedians, and researchers alike to think of wikis in education not as a staging ground for producing texts for the edification of students, but as a canvas on which students themselves can engage in the intellectual work of knowledge production
Webquest inquiry oriented activities
The Role of Trust in an Open System
codifying the freedom to use, modify, share, and collaborate without restrictions
WYSIWYG integration into MediaWiki
Wikipedia as a Teaching Tool
In the future there will be a need for different types of authentication. To mind comes when teacher student relations happen within material to do with Wikiversity
WikiAuthors, a database of scientific publications, authors, and their affiliations
the latest updates to the GFDL
how to encourage participation, support empathy between participants
WYSIWiki (What You See Is Wiki)
Brion Vibber's feature update report
organization of knowledge turn out to be based on principles for organizing physical objects; in the digital age we're creating new principles free of the old limitations


Wiki Uses in Learning and Teaching


Conducting Research and Evaluating Information
Research about Wikimedia


Free the curriculum: Supporting educators with open content


Adult Literacy Education Wiki
The Wikicite Project
flock advisers
The collaborative project support wiki
User Motivation